Google is the Best

What can I say? I LOVE Google! Working with a non-profit we obtained Google for non-profit in 2011. We moved our email to Google using our domain extension. From there I learned about Google Docs, Sheets, Forms, Sites and Hangouts. The potential for collaboration through all these tools is amazing although I was unable to get our users to take advantage of all that potential. That saddens me emensly!

 Google Tips 


Drive: (in my humble opinion one of the best features included with your gmail account)

If you are new to Google you may not know that you are given 15Gb of space to save files. Let's say you have a pdf of some license you want to have available on another pc or your phone or tablet. Save the file to Google Drive and you can open it anywhere you sign in to your Google account! You can also "Share" that same file with others. You can limit their access to only "View" or you can give them total acces to edit the file.