Tips about designs

These website designs can be altered in any way to reflect your personal style. The designs on this page are just a sample of the infinate possibilities. Before creating your web presence, you should ask yourself, what do I want my web presence to say about me? What do I want my website to do?

Click here for a questionnaire to answer those and other pertinent questions of what you want in a website.



Blue Header Full Page Design

Rainbow Full Page Design

Dark Blue Full Page Design

3 Column Green and Tan

Hello and Welcome

Blue Plaid

Dark 2 Column 80% Design

Pink and Purple Polkadots

Rainbow Header 80% Design

Red White and Blue Design

Red Header Design

Gray Plaid Design

Light Green Full Page Design

Light Full Blog Design

Red Plaid Design

Red Green and Tan Design

Simple White Design

Garden Design

Light Tan Page Design

Forest Green Design